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Free! 2013 Strategic Leader Survey Report

The 2013 Strategic Leader Survey digs into use of strategic planning and implementation in all types of organizations. Strategy development and execution approaches that work and those that don't are identified. It assesses how leaders evaluate strategic risks and opportunities and how this aligns with their approach to planning.

New! Strategic Planning infographic

"Strategic Planning.  Why to use it. How to make it work" shows how to plan for great results.  

Free! 2012 Strategic Leader Survey Report

2012 survey
The 2012 Strategic Leader Survey exposes "the strategy gap" - why leaders aren't more strategic and why organizations don't plan and implement- and shows how leaders can think and act strategically and instill planning and effective implementation in their organizations.

Free! 2012 LinkedIn Success Survey Report

LinkedIn Survey
The 2012 LinkedIn Success Survey shows how to strategically use LinkedIn for greater benefit. We surveyed LinkedIn "connectors" and "users."  The report offers direction for professionals, executives, managers and entrepreneurs seeking greater value from LinkedIn.

Free! 2012 Association Corporate Membership Packages Study

Association Study
The 2012 Association Corporate Membership Packages Study offers pricing and value-added benefits insights for association and individual membership organization leaders seeking to attract corporate members.

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We build organizations.  We can help you achieve more.

    • We counsel senior management for best results and help Boards, teams and groups raise their effectiveness and reach goals. 
    • We facilitate strategic and business planning, provide planning systems and ensure implementation.  
    • We help organizations resolve strategic issues and tackle strategic opportunities.  
    • We provide "best practice" solutions to management, branding and marketing, customer and revenue creation, and communications needs.

Who are we?

Forrest Consulting is a high-level strategy and implementation consulting firm. We serve company, association and non-profit leaders and Boards. We have been building success in scores of industries and business segments since 1988.

How are we different?  Why should you care?

We take the strategic view when we counsel you and offer solutions. We assure your strategies move you toward your vision. We focus time and resources for greatest impact.

Our top credentials begin with founder Lee Crumbaugh:

    • MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business; BS, Communications, University of Illinois.
    • Strategic Management Professional certification. Among the first 50 SMPs certified by the Association for Strategic Planning: credentials for delivering "best practice" strategic planning and strategic management counsel.  
    • Association for Strategic Planning international president (2014-2015) and Board of Directors chair.  
    • International Association of Facilitators member. 
    • Author, AHEAD: Strategy is the way to a better future, 2013 (Amazon paperback and Kindle e-book), and Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action blog.


Our talented professional consultants - Forrest Consulting associates - offer you a depth of affordable management and specialist expertise.  To meet specific client needs, we source and manage our team of associates on a per assignment basis.

Let's get started 

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation.  We'll listen to your situation and explore your needs, obvious and hidden, to see how we can help you achieve more.   

Office 725 Kenilworth Avenue, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 USA

Phone 630-909-9360, Cell 630-730-9619

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Targeted services.  It's critical to take a holistic approach to organizational effectiveness, strategic planning and implementation. Start-ups need to "get it right" from the beginning. Our tailored services target these needs.

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Lee Crumbaugh of Forrest Consulting encourages you and your organization to "Find Your Vision, Create Your Plan, Achieve and Succeed."

Qualifying Run™ taps a cross-functional team of experts to assess your organization on key metrics and give you insight and recommendations for getting higher performance and greater achievement.  It's like "track day" when teams get their cars ready to race and qualify to compete. This immediate, high-value, low-cost service uses our expertise for great gain. We use a disciplined approach to:


    • Assess your strategies and implementation.
    • Gain insight from key team members and stakeholders.
    • Examine your customer facing and operational aspects
    • Identify critical issues to address and/or high-gain opportunities to pursue.
    • Deliver a concise report, dashboard and one-on-one guidance on specific steps so your organization will achieve more now and in the future.

Strategic Business Leader™ drives success through:


    • Expert planning facilitation and implementation guidance
    • Our proven Fast Track Strategic Planning System™
    • Other planning and implementation resources and assistance


We make effective strategic planning accessible for any organization.

We focus on what's important: Vision, Gaps, Strategies and Action Steps to close the Gaps, implementation, staying on track, re-planning.  Our tested three-part process uses your team's knowledge and insights to create your plan and assure successful implementation. It's simple, efficient: No time wasted.

Our system enables any organization to plan.  The best way to plan is with our one-on-one, face-to-face facilitation. Tailored sessions using our tested systems and tools will assure an inspiring Vision, actionable plan and more, and follow-up sessions will assure your organization improves dramatically.

Launch Trek™ helps entrepreneurs succeed through:


    • Entrepreneurial counseling and coaching
    • Strategy development and implementation assistance
    • Business and financial planning
    • Branding and marketing programs
    • Product/service development
    • Identifying funding resources and presentation development
    • Organization and team development
    • Transitional management 


At the core of our services to help entrepreneurs succeed is a high value assessment.  The result are recommendations that deliver insight and follow-up guidance and assistance aimed at achieving a successful launch, growth and long-term value.

Let's get started 

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation.  We'll listen to your situation and explore your needs, obvious and hidden, to see how we can help you achieve more.   

Office 725 Kenilworth Avenue, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 USA

Phone 630-909-9360, Cell 630-730-9619

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